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BLOG145b - Blogs by Year

By keef and annie hellinger, Aug 3 2021 11:03AM


a new search process alongside the TAG MAP and INDEXES to allow you to search by Year across all our Blogs. If you want to try it out please CLICK HERE

this makes it so much easier to find all the blogs that refer to a specific Year

this facility was introduced to the website july 2021 but this blog is retrospectively included under the older style blogs i.e pre dec 2020 to

1) try out all the functionality of Moonfruit's Blogging code prior to swapping to WIX

2) beacuse I believe it is a useful search facility and I wish to see how it is embraced when migrated to new code in 2021

3) if you wish to peruse blog tages after 2020 please click HERE, thanks

thanks for looking do hope it helps

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